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Quit Kit

Quit Kit

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DipStop Quit Dip Program - Smokeless Tobacco Cessation. Backed by an ongoing commitment to the mental, physical and habitual problems associated with smokeless tobacco addiction, the BaccOff quit dip program has helped thousands of chewers quit dip for good. If you are ready to quit smokeless tobacco, dip, snuf, chew or whatever term you use for your addiction, . . . we can help

Are you a Good Candidate for the DipStop Quit Dip Program? - If youíre like the thousands who have turned to the DipStop quit dip program for help quitting dip,  youíve been using tobacco for 14-22 years. And, if this is the case, then you have used over 4,000 cans of tobacco, a highly addictive drug between cheek and gum 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for over 3 years. It is no wonder that tobacco has taken control of your life.

Youíve probably tried to quit the habit at least 4-6 times. Maybe you've even thrown the can away, only to stop by the store a short time later to buy another. Perhaps you have tried switching to a brand you hate or tried to cut back on how often you dip. You may have tried to quit dipping on a special occasion like an anniversary, a vacation or as a New Years Resolution. As a last effort, you may have tried using nicotine gum. But since you're reading about the DipStop Program, nothing yet has really worked.

Congratulations. You're On The Right Track!

The DipStop Program was developed by former snuff dippers who understand your frustrations and struggles with trying to kick smokeless tobacco. We are experts in smokeless tobacco addiction. We can help you understand the power of tobacco addiction and walk with you step-by-step as you successfully beat the power of addiction through the DipStop Program. It doesnít matter how long or what quantity you have been chewing, DipStop can safely help you quit for life!

For over twenty years, chewers like yourself have been successfully beating the smokeless tobacco habit with the easy-to-follow DipStop Program. Those who complete the program have 90% or higher success rate. When compared to the low success rate of expensive medical assistance programs, counseling sessions or medication regiment, which are mainly recommended for smokers, the DipStop Program is the clear choice.

Why has the DipStop Program been so successful?
- The DipStop program  combines techniques for dealing with the mental, physical and habitual aspects of smokeless tobacco addiction. To beat tobacco addiction, you must start with the mental perspective.

Our program will help you acquire the necessary will power and stamina you must have to succeed. Our step-by-step, easy to follow manual and CD will introduce you to proven techniques you probably arenít aware of. And, since the DipStop program approaches the problem from the perspective of the chewer, you will be able to identify with it more easily than programs designed for smokers.

The road map given is easy to follow and takes a down-to-earth approach that fits the lifestyle of the typical smokeless tobacco user. In addition to our self-help techniques, you will also have access to a section to assist your wife or partner in understanding what you are going through and offers insight into how they can help you succeed rather than hinder.

You may be surprised to know that a smokeless tobacco user ingests 3 to 5 times more nicotine each day than the average smoker. Industry researchers are now even claiming that the nicotine may be  as addictive as heroin. After years of putting nicotine into your body, you have become strongly addicted and you will need a powerful program to beat the smokeless habit.

The DipStop program combats the physical withdrawal symptoms of nicotine by providing a 30 to 40 day supply of Nico-Free herbal supplement, specifically formulated for smokeless tobacco users attempting to quit. This product is designed to help reduce the effects of nicotine withdrawal and aid in relaxation during the critical first month of cessation. Most DipStop participants are pleasantly surprised at how easy this period is compared to previous attempts to quit.

The DipStop Program Attacks the Habit! - Most medical approaches encourage the continued use of Nicotine in the form of Nicotine patches or Nicotine Gum. The DipStop Program, utilizing BaccOff, a safe non tobacco alternative, works just the opposite. Instead of continuing the usage of the drug you are addicted to, DipStop approaches the problem from a different perspective which has proven highly successful.

Most smokeless tobacco users spend years developing the chewing habit. This explains the passionate desire to chew. The DipStop program solves the problem with Bacc-Off, a safe replacement for smokeless tobacco, made from FDA approved ingredients.

With the look, taste, feel and texture of real smokeless tobacco, Bacc-Off is the perfect substitute for an addicted chewer. And because Bacc-Off is a safe, non-addictive product, you wonít be quitting one habit just to start another one. With Bacc-Off, you can enjoy the pleasure of chewing while youíre making the break from tobacco usage. You can chew if you want to, not because you have to.

 Order the DipStop Program NOW! - The program includes our exclusive herbal formula which calms the nerves and eases the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and our step-by-step, easy to follow manual and CD.

An integral part of the Dipstop program is our non-tobacco alternative to smokeless tobacco. Order your product of choice (excluding pouch products) to go with our cessation program.

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