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Posted on Facebook by Andrew Schnedl
After 25yrs of chewing(NO CANCER), finally something which tastes good(like real chew), and is affordable!! . . .If you are anything like me, quitting has been difficult. I have been chewing fo...r 25yrs, and finally a product which tastes like real chew, and is affordable. It has been one month so far, and with Bacc-Off, my cravings have been tolerable.

Posted on Facebook by James Kim
Got my log today, particularly impressed with the Wintergreen. Reminds me of Kodiak. Straight could be a Grizzly Snuff. Good stuff and thanks for helping me in my quit.

Posted on Facebook by Taylor Paddock
I just ordered my first supply today I'm hoping this will help me quit thanks for supporting and the great prices

Posted on Facebook by Gunny Marzluf
You helped me quit cold turkey on 2 February 2010. Thanks!

Posted on Facebook by Sam Stone
Lent was the year mark! After 26 years of chewing. I used Bacc-Off to ween myself down and finally quit cold turkey. It is probably the best product out there for this. Thank you Bacc-Off.

Posted on Facebook by Curtis Ansley
I really wish I had found this product before I was forced to quit. I lost part of my jaw among other things in 2005 from dipping. Not sure if y'all would mind me posting my site on here but here goes. gives my account of what smokeless tobacco did for me. If you are reading this and thinking about quitting, DO IT ! And using a substitute is a great start.


Posted on Facebook by Justin Kirland
Great stuff the next best thing to tobacco, helps with quitting process.

Son Switched From Skoal™
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your product. It has gotten my son off Skoal™ and I’m so grateful. After constantly asking him to stop using smokeless tobacco, he finally tried Bacc-Off and likes it. He had dipped for ten years and thought he could not stop by using a smokeless tobacco alternative. After many times of nagging by his wife and me, it finally paid off.

Marine Goes With Bacc-Off
I am a United States Marine currently stationed aboard a U.S. Naval vessel. I have been dipping for more years than I care to remember. Recently, I was introduced to your product Bacc-Off and for the first time in a long time I was able to go without smokeless tobacco for an extended period.

Coach Says "It's the Best"
To Whom It May Concern:
I have tried your product Bacc-Off (straight) non-tobacco, non-nicotine chewing blend. I want you to know that I really like it and it is helping me quit chewing the real stuff… Copenhagen™! I have tried other types of non-tobacco chews but they were all too sweet like candy or just plain bad. I am going to continue using Bacc-Off (straight) …. I am a coach and I know many athletes who want to stop chewing… I have already recommended you too many friends.

5 By-Passes; Now It's Bacc-Off
I just wanted to say thank you for the smokeless tobacco alternative Bacc-Off. My husband had open heart surgery a few months ago this year. He had five by-passes. He has dipped Skoal™ for years and the doctor told him no more tobacco. He tried everything, gum and candy and nothing satisfied him. Then one day in the grocery store we saw your product. We bought a can of your non tobacco snuff and now he says it satisfies the craving for tobacco. Thank you again for this fine product.

Tobacco-Free Anniversary
April 1, 1996 marked a major event in my life.
It was my anniversary for going a whole year without using tobacco, the first time in 30 years! I began chewing tobacco with my cousins around 1965 and switched to Skoal™ in 1974. My habit grew to 2 cans, sometimes 3 a day. Most mornings started with a dip as soon as I woke up. I tried to quit dip several times and seriously in 1989 when my doctor prescribed nicotine-chewing gum. I went 2 weeks without a dip until my wife, Penny, told me we were going to have twins! Man, did I need that Skoal™ and went back immediately; I could find a more convenient time to quit dip later. We are the proud parents of identical twin daughters, Rachel and Sarah, age 7. They have an older brother, Alex, age 8.
One morning I was working in the yard and dipping, Alex saw me spit and said “Dad that is not good for you”. God bless the DARE program and its officers. One of their points is that nicotine is a drug. There was the school system doing their part educating my son and then look at the role model I was. I knew I had to quit, but oh, how I hated even to think about it.
Earlier, a friend had given me a can of Bacc-Off and it tasted good, but I was not ready to quit. Alex had changed that. I ordered the Dipstop Program and quit tobacco April 1, 1996 . Today I am no longer addicted to nor want nicotine. I still use Bacc-Off.